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Thursday, February 01, 2007

abby's bag

this is probably the first thing i've done in at least 8 months. it was fast and furious but fun, and i'm so proud that i actually sat down and did it instead of copping out and just buying a cheapo bag. and all without a sewing machine. don't ask.
it's abby's emergency bag for daycare. the hand on the front is a tracing they did of her own hand and i just stitched around that and added her name. the body of the bag itself is the bottom pant leg of a pair of jeans i bought at the gap for $9.97 specifically because i thought it was cheap fabric! so, not only am i excited to have made the bag, but also to actually have followed through on one of promised uses of fabric. paul is ever doubtful, but i proved him wrong this time. and he was quite enamoured of the little handprint on the front. i don't know if you can see it, but through the casing (cuff) is the coolest rainbow print ric rac that i bought ages ago at dressew just 'cause.
in the bag- i should have taken a picture, but there is a soft dolly, a letter from us to her, a picture of our family and another little toy that she likes to play with. these are all things to bring her comfort should she be evacuated or away from us due to some natural distaster or such. ugh. what a thought.
on another note. we are stricken yet again with the flu bug. what the heck? anyone out there have any ideas about immune system boosters? toddler and adult safe?


At 8:12 PM, Blogger em said...

Aww. Sorry to hear you're all sick again. I don't know about immune "boosters" but eating a lot of garlic and foods with beta carotene (orange foods) are supposed to help. (Butternut squash soup? Mmm)

I love that little handprint. So sweet!

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