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Saturday, August 19, 2006


i am not lost, just busy trying to find work, register for courses, find daycare and do all kinds of stuff away from the computer. like playing outside with abby. tonight, though, i took a break and watched tom hanks on an island talking to a basket ball. it was perfect to stitch to. so, i made this little steiner dolly for abby. it's not bad for a first try, i think. i used the tutorial posted by soozs, and found some stuff around the house. tomorrow, we'll see if she likes it.

on another front, i am happy to say that there is more sleep happening around the house with very little fuss or crying involved. this book i took out from the library is beautiful, literally. and it has helped me make a positive change in baby's sleep associations. she is actually putting herself to sleep (i know this because i can hear her moving around, and will often peek in and see her trying to get comfy) instead of carrying on hysterically when put into her crib. i suppose this could change at any moment, but for now i am feeling very good about it.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger em said...

Good luck on the job front!

That's a sweet little doll. I love her hair :)

And I wish I had known about that book a year ago when everyone in the household was a zombie from insufficient sleep. Thank goodness things are wonderfully improved these days.


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