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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

been gone, going again

oh dear. i am not a good blogger. we've been away and are home for a few days before heading off to a wedding on the long weekend and then another the weekend after that.

it's busy. abby starts daycare this week, and i start school next week. providing i get hired. which means i need an interview. which means they need to post the bloody job i want. bah! sometimes my lack of patience is startling.

and another principal called me on monday (while i was away) and expected to interview me today (while i was still away and had no idea she'd called) so i might have missed out on that one. which i don't think i want, but the interview would have been good practice anyways.

fun news (no pictures, sorry... the camera is in the car) is that paul let me take off all day on sunday and i spent it in the studio at the thread bear and almost got my baby quilt top pieced!!

it was so fun to have a fabulous machine, lots of room, a FELT WALL! and time uninterrupted. what a great guy. i wish i'd gotten more done, but of course i was a bit too ambitious. i called everywhere around once i got back home to try and rent a machine and i guess in the country everyone owns their own and doesn't need to do such a thing. bummer. my old kenmore will NOT be allowed to touch the sandwiched layers of quilt, so i guess i'll be finishing it the day before the baby shower at my mom's.


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