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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

been gone, going again

oh dear. i am not a good blogger. we've been away and are home for a few days before heading off to a wedding on the long weekend and then another the weekend after that.

it's busy. abby starts daycare this week, and i start school next week. providing i get hired. which means i need an interview. which means they need to post the bloody job i want. bah! sometimes my lack of patience is startling.

and another principal called me on monday (while i was away) and expected to interview me today (while i was still away and had no idea she'd called) so i might have missed out on that one. which i don't think i want, but the interview would have been good practice anyways.

fun news (no pictures, sorry... the camera is in the car) is that paul let me take off all day on sunday and i spent it in the studio at the thread bear and almost got my baby quilt top pieced!!

it was so fun to have a fabulous machine, lots of room, a FELT WALL! and time uninterrupted. what a great guy. i wish i'd gotten more done, but of course i was a bit too ambitious. i called everywhere around once i got back home to try and rent a machine and i guess in the country everyone owns their own and doesn't need to do such a thing. bummer. my old kenmore will NOT be allowed to touch the sandwiched layers of quilt, so i guess i'll be finishing it the day before the baby shower at my mom's.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


i am not lost, just busy trying to find work, register for courses, find daycare and do all kinds of stuff away from the computer. like playing outside with abby. tonight, though, i took a break and watched tom hanks on an island talking to a basket ball. it was perfect to stitch to. so, i made this little steiner dolly for abby. it's not bad for a first try, i think. i used the tutorial posted by soozs, and found some stuff around the house. tomorrow, we'll see if she likes it.

on another front, i am happy to say that there is more sleep happening around the house with very little fuss or crying involved. this book i took out from the library is beautiful, literally. and it has helped me make a positive change in baby's sleep associations. she is actually putting herself to sleep (i know this because i can hear her moving around, and will often peek in and see her trying to get comfy) instead of carrying on hysterically when put into her crib. i suppose this could change at any moment, but for now i am feeling very good about it.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


my blogging friend stephanie has the lovely little ditty bags for sale on her etsy site... they are beautiful!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

more pictures

here are more pictures of the wonderful stuff we got from em.

she has even better pictures posted on her blog and another stuffie named olive, who is super cute.

Friday, August 04, 2006

look at all of this!!

another fabulous swap partner has graced our midst. em is so talented and so generous, i can not believe the yummy stuff she sent us and all of the work she put into her package. the buttons were in a tiny little scrap book with all sorts of embellishment and she sent pocky (yum yum) and another japanese treat that i'd never had before but ate straight away. and how she knew that i desperately could use some cutile cream i'll never know. and it was burt's bees, no less! we received it today and both abigail and i were delighted, to say the least. pictures tell the story best. thank you sooooooo much em. you are the best! we love it all and abby especially loves the stuffy- you shouldn't have ;)
i am apologizing for this post now. blogger keeps uploading my pictures into no man's land... i have no idea where they are!!! so here are a couple of them, and i will try and figure this out for another post to follow.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


look what the mailman brought to us yesterday!!

yummy orange gingham with some cute cute buttons and trim!! stephanie sent them to us with a dress for abby in mind. how great is that???!! i am in love with orange lately and although she thought it would make a cute dress for abby, maybe it would be a great apron for mom? what do you think steph? so that, leaving the house last night to go to the gym and working out hard, made yesterday a glorious day after a terrible start. i am desperately needing, after nine months, to carve out some time for myself ALONE. what better way to do that than by letting daddy (who is calm and patient) deal with the screaming and crying at bedtime while i go and get some exercise? it is going to be a great routine and we will all be the better for it.

i'm so lucky to have fabulous swap partners and a very special husband!