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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i spoke too soon


8pm. remember its mom's birthday and tomorrow we are going to visit for a week (so i can't just leave it until i see her next time- i am BAD for that)

8:10. pull out the fabric

8:20. drag my old clunking (i am serious here) machine downstairs. no, stephanie i still haven't a place for it to live. sad.

8:55. i have a quilted picture frame a la denyse schmidt. the picture is of you know who.

9:15 all cleaned up and posting about my accomplishment.

it really took me only only that much time and, aside from one cutting incident, was quite successful i think. mom should love it. well, it may be a little pink for her.

now i have to fold four loads of laundry so we can pack in the morning. good night.


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