bessie . alma

here i am grandma; can you see me?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

vintage button swap

yay! tonight i finished sewing up a little pouch to hold the many buttons i've chosen for em. here is a little blurry photograph.

i am crossing my fingers and hoping she likes them. we were supposed to send 12 and i think i've thrown in more like 40. man, i could send her a banana box full and still have tons left. like i'll ever get around to sorting them, let alone using them. i am so happy to be sharing them with someone who will appreciate them.

they are pretty cool though because they were my grandma t's and she was the GREATEST and sooo crafty. my little sister has bags of fabric cut into squares all ready for the quilts she used to make and sell for the church at bazaars and such. of course it's all mouth-watering because we are talking about fabric from 30-40 years ago at least. i still have doll quilts and crocheted doll clothes that she made for us. its packed away like treasure. one day i'll pull it out and take pictures. she was the kind of grandma who would pack parcels at christmas and send them out to us full of toys and baking, and cookies packed in pringles tins.

oh yeah. my grandma was a pretty special lady. her name was bessie alma. go figure.

ps. thanks for all of the kind words during that heat wave. we survived as i hope you did too... looking forward to fall... kind of ;)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

bloody hot

we were the hottest spot on the planet yesterday.

a hellish 40 degrees. and my parents DON'T have air conditioning.

so, i haven't accomplished any of the stuff i wanted to while i was here. it's only supposed to be about 35 or so for the next few days, and maybe that will help me focus on all of the paper work and applications i need to fill out. and, sitting here with my mother's beautiful, quiet and efficient sewing machine tempting me, i've only managed to sew the petals of the nap pillow i'm making for abby before i felt too sticky to continue. seriously. that is as much as one can move before it's unbearable.

on another note, what the @#$#(@??? i am suddenly receiving all kinds of spam from this blogger account. is that common? my email inbox is filled with anonymous comments that i KNOW are not legitimate so i don't even open them. but it's very frustrating. anybody have the same experience? i am wondering what to do about it....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i spoke too soon


8pm. remember its mom's birthday and tomorrow we are going to visit for a week (so i can't just leave it until i see her next time- i am BAD for that)

8:10. pull out the fabric

8:20. drag my old clunking (i am serious here) machine downstairs. no, stephanie i still haven't a place for it to live. sad.

8:55. i have a quilted picture frame a la denyse schmidt. the picture is of you know who.

9:15 all cleaned up and posting about my accomplishment.

it really took me only only that much time and, aside from one cutting incident, was quite successful i think. mom should love it. well, it may be a little pink for her.

now i have to fold four loads of laundry so we can pack in the morning. good night.

still no crafting

but i am watering my plants. most days.

oh, and making pigtails.

poor kid.

Monday, July 17, 2006

watch out

here she comes

here she is

a room full of junk and a myriad of possibilities

so what does she grab onto?

now THAT's my daughter!

maybe one day she'll make it FOR me...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lookee here!

I had the most amazing parcel delivered on Friday! From Courtney, my Mag Swap partner came SIX fun and different magazines along with a very cool bag that she made for me. It will be so perfect for stuff that I carry around (including magazines) because I don't carry a purse but now that I have the babe I find that I need to have something to put our "stuff" in.
Thanks so much Courtney... I hope you will receive your parcel from me soon. I am also glad that I can now read her blog :) Wow. Never had a bag named after me before. Cool.

Oh, and before I forget, go look at the beautiful little bag that Stephanie made for her sister. It is lovely.

Friday, July 07, 2006


it's been too long. sorry. but we've been away and i've not been able to post.

so, now that we are home i'll say hello and put up some pictures i took of beautiful antique patchwork quilts made by a hopi artist. reminds me of gees bend and the artistry of necessity there. my favourite it the long strip quilt.

i found them in a very old back issue of a quilters magazine and had to take pictures before i sent it off to my swap partner Courtney (who hopefully isn't reading this) because she is smitten with patchwork. me too. anyways, i forgot to take pictures (what else is new) of the magazine cover. hopefully she'll do that for me when it arrives in Michigan.

hope everyone is enjoying the summer. i will maybe have some crafting to show soon. i'm trying to decide where to put the sewing machine now that the third bedroom is a proper 'guest room.'