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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


i am tired. my baby is tired too, but she won't sleep. or should i say, she will sleep but only after 45 minutes of me trying to put her into her crib many many times. and oh! the screaming. you'd think that i was committing the most incredible injustice against her. i actually let her cry for 10 minutes, then 5, 5 and 5 min last night before she finally gave in and crashed. trouble is, i am not sure i can follow up on that as i should it was very hard, and i do so love to snuggle her.... she is sweet and spirited, this young'un.

on a crafting note, i've managed to put together one side of a tea cosy i am making for my friend T. of course, as is my practice lately, i am winging it. so far so good, but this batting i've been using is super thick when not quilted. and i wasn't planning on doing any quilting on the large blocks of fabric... so we'll have to see how it turns out. i did make a prototype that i gave to my mom in law, but i used some bat left over from a baby quilt and deemed it too thin. i do love the fabrics, though, and unlike most i've been slow to actually buy any amy bulter fabric. a bit of a frugal time it is around this household, so i am cherishing it and using it very carefully. here is a glimpse of the project in progress.

and on another note... backtack is coming again and i am seriously considering joining up if i can. i feel kind of like an intruder, though and somewhat unworthy. these people are seriously talented artists and incredibly interesting blog authors. me? i am hardly in the same league. but i desperately want to take jump into the fun.


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