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Saturday, March 11, 2006

something new

i can't believe it. sooo long since i've posted. in fact, i pretty much had decided it was a waste of my time to blog because i haven't been fully committed to joining the community. i just don't seem to have time for anything anymore now that i have the baby. i'm not complaining, but i really am disappointed when i find a great blog and that person is unable to post EVERY day... i so didn't want to do that to people. (not that i expect anyone to avidly read my rantings).

but i just made something really cool, and i want to show it off even if it is to nobody. this little pouch i made for a friend of mine who is 24 weeks pregnant and on bed rest and in need of a little cheering up. she is a pretty cool gal, and so i am glad this little project worked out well. because, of course i just winged it. and i love it! i embroidered (cross stitched) the skull and quilted the fabric that is cotton i've had in my stash forever and pieces of an old pair of grey wool pants.

now i just want to make more and more of these for people. i don't know anyone else who will want the skull motif on a wallet, so they will be prettier, probably.


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