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here i am grandma; can you see me?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


ah what a beautiful day in the neighborhood. sunny. +18 degrees. gotta love vancouver on days like that. to top it off i had the day to sip coffee, wander and knit. and it was amazing how me, sitting in a comfy chair at starbucks drew women into conversation. of the nicest kind. i'm not kidding. threee different women talked to me about knitting, travelling, grandchildren. it was great! anyway, my nephew's sleeves are almost done. yay! i'm staying with my sister-in-law while i'm working in the city and so i walked to granville island, grabbed some veggies and soon gilmore girls are on. a pretty perfect day.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

the loyalist

knitting news: not a lot. i am working on the nephew sweater and not fired up about it. dreaming of other things. like socks (which i've never done before), the clover wrap from stitch n' bitch, baby booties (of all things!) and more bags... my problem is too much going on in my head and not so much going on in reality.

fittingly, here's what I just completed online. i am very intruiged with this test- never heard of it before, but it seems to be spot-on and has some illuminating questions; more interesting and revealing that any of the others I have done. it's me:

and i AM feeling very anxious lately....