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Friday, February 25, 2005

quiet but happy to be here

yep. not sure what i am doing here or what i have to say, but i've been reading and peeking in at others' blogs for about a month now and thought maybe i should jump in, and lo and behold- here i am.

i'm hoping to talk mostly about craft and inspiration on this blog. sometimes its the lack of inspiration or motivation i sometimes feel to "do" any of it. and often i am so overwhelmed by ideas that i just can't get started on anything. at all. anybody else like that?

right now i am so excited about starting to sell some of the stuff i make and do. so far things have only been gifted to friends and family. but for too long i've kicked myself for not listening to them all say "you should sell this stuff". ha. never really thought it possible. but now it's my dream. i've gone so far as to name it and design a logo. all before deciding on a product. oh well. the creative process can be so very strange.


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