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Thursday, February 01, 2007

abby's bag

this is probably the first thing i've done in at least 8 months. it was fast and furious but fun, and i'm so proud that i actually sat down and did it instead of copping out and just buying a cheapo bag. and all without a sewing machine. don't ask.
it's abby's emergency bag for daycare. the hand on the front is a tracing they did of her own hand and i just stitched around that and added her name. the body of the bag itself is the bottom pant leg of a pair of jeans i bought at the gap for $9.97 specifically because i thought it was cheap fabric! so, not only am i excited to have made the bag, but also to actually have followed through on one of promised uses of fabric. paul is ever doubtful, but i proved him wrong this time. and he was quite enamoured of the little handprint on the front. i don't know if you can see it, but through the casing (cuff) is the coolest rainbow print ric rac that i bought ages ago at dressew just 'cause.
in the bag- i should have taken a picture, but there is a soft dolly, a letter from us to her, a picture of our family and another little toy that she likes to play with. these are all things to bring her comfort should she be evacuated or away from us due to some natural distaster or such. ugh. what a thought.
on another note. we are stricken yet again with the flu bug. what the heck? anyone out there have any ideas about immune system boosters? toddler and adult safe?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


here is my progress (somewhat stalled lately) on the little shrug i'm making abby. i am using sock wool and it's a little thicker than i thought it would be. oh well...

Friday, January 19, 2007

when we are sick

enough said? must run and administer more motrin.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

oh hi

i'm still here. i know that only a few people noticed i've been absent, but tara told me at christmas i need to write more in my blog. and she's right. it's just been so busy and stressful that i haven't had the energy, let alone the time. i do miss it, though, so i'll try again but make no promises to be regular in my posting. not much really seems to happen around here but nursing a sick child and trying to work in between, which has been a continual frustration. i was so lucky to be hired on in this district as a toc (sub) but i get maximum four days in and then daycare calls me because abby is sick. it's truly frustrating.

but, i'm taking an online course in working towards a diploma home economics. I need an edge to break into the continuing jobs- a specialty per se. being an elementary generalist has not gotten me far. home ec specialists are harder to come by apparently. this course is a textiles one, of course my last choice as i've done all of the textile analysis and pic-glass looking before, but it should be enjoyable and the sample book above will be a great resource. provided i ever get the samples all in and documented. holy cow it's taking me forever! in the summer i will have to get going on the foods courses to round out my knowledge. i'm finding some hard to actually apply myself even to this course. what has happened to my brain?

anyhow. that's that. i have been knitting a little- a shrug for the kiddo and trying to organize some stuff. here's a picture of my latest accomplishment. pretty cool, non?

that's my refridgerator and all of my spices in new magetic brushed tin canisters. love them and especially love that the basket of old spice jars it out of my cupboard freeing up much needed room. i also bought a new recycling bin and laundry basket. stuff paul says wasn't needed. i QUITE disagree. hee hee

so, i must be off for now. i'll try and post more often, tara. and hi stephanie! i'm sorry i've not emailed you back yet but i will!

Saturday, September 23, 2006


just to prove i am still alive and well- a picture of one of our weekends this month. in abby's face is some of how i am feeling right now, too. things will settle down soon i hope!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

been gone, going again

oh dear. i am not a good blogger. we've been away and are home for a few days before heading off to a wedding on the long weekend and then another the weekend after that.

it's busy. abby starts daycare this week, and i start school next week. providing i get hired. which means i need an interview. which means they need to post the bloody job i want. bah! sometimes my lack of patience is startling.

and another principal called me on monday (while i was away) and expected to interview me today (while i was still away and had no idea she'd called) so i might have missed out on that one. which i don't think i want, but the interview would have been good practice anyways.

fun news (no pictures, sorry... the camera is in the car) is that paul let me take off all day on sunday and i spent it in the studio at the thread bear and almost got my baby quilt top pieced!!

it was so fun to have a fabulous machine, lots of room, a FELT WALL! and time uninterrupted. what a great guy. i wish i'd gotten more done, but of course i was a bit too ambitious. i called everywhere around once i got back home to try and rent a machine and i guess in the country everyone owns their own and doesn't need to do such a thing. bummer. my old kenmore will NOT be allowed to touch the sandwiched layers of quilt, so i guess i'll be finishing it the day before the baby shower at my mom's.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


i am not lost, just busy trying to find work, register for courses, find daycare and do all kinds of stuff away from the computer. like playing outside with abby. tonight, though, i took a break and watched tom hanks on an island talking to a basket ball. it was perfect to stitch to. so, i made this little steiner dolly for abby. it's not bad for a first try, i think. i used the tutorial posted by soozs, and found some stuff around the house. tomorrow, we'll see if she likes it.

on another front, i am happy to say that there is more sleep happening around the house with very little fuss or crying involved. this book i took out from the library is beautiful, literally. and it has helped me make a positive change in baby's sleep associations. she is actually putting herself to sleep (i know this because i can hear her moving around, and will often peek in and see her trying to get comfy) instead of carrying on hysterically when put into her crib. i suppose this could change at any moment, but for now i am feeling very good about it.